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A4 Rotatrim Paper Box

A4 Rotatrim Paper Box. Multifunctional office paper. Runs smoothly through photocopiers, laser and inkjet printers.


Sharp EL 231 calculator. Stylish and durable design suitable for everyday use.

Correction Pen

To help keep your documents looking flawless, we offer easy to use white Colosso correction pens. Available in 7ml fine tip.  

Desk Cube Paper Refill

Desk cube paper refill pack. Available in white. Desk cube not included.

Epson Compatible Ribbon Cartridges

We supply Epson compatible printer ribbons. These are generic ribbon cartridges suitable for Epson Printers. Compatible with 30/34/38 black, and black and red.

File Dividers

  • PVC File Dividers. Available in:
    • A-Z
    • 10 DIV board bright
    • January-December

File Fasteners Metal

Metal prongs and compressors made of tin-plated steel 2 piece file fasteners with sliding lock clips 50 units per box  

Flip File

Flip File plastic sleeves for easy storage of your files and documents. Available in a selection of sizes.

Gem Clips

Metal gem clip length: 33mm. Size: Large. 500 units  


Colosso Highlighter Markers in a selection of colours. Available in
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Blue

Laminating Pouches A4

A4 laminating pouches in 150 Mic. Available in 100 per pack.