Welcome to the world of3JS

Office Supplies

We stock a full range of quality brand names and can supply general stationery, printer cartridges, photocopier paper, continuous run paper, envelopes, adhesives, calculators and more.


We design, manufacture and print labels. We offer a wide range of materials, processes and finishes in order to fulfill the requirements of your products with regard to quality and image.

Retail Consumables

We manufacture and supply retail consumables including till rolls, thermal transfer ribbons, hook and loop pins and hang tags customized to suit your needs.


We supply specialist packaging products including pallet wrap, cable ties, pharmaceutical containers, zip lock bags, plastic and paper bags all manufactured to the highest international standards.

Over 30 Years of Excellence3Js is a proudly South African owned and operated business. For over 25 years supplied the South African pharmacies and healthcare providers with a diverse range of labels, packaging and consumable products.Our combination of efficient production services, streamlined manufacturing and global sourcing gives us the ability to provide turnkey niche
solutions to multinational companies, large Retail chains as well as small to medium size business.We have sales offices and a logistics infrastructure in all major centers of South Africa, and constantly looking to grow our footprint to
accommodate the needs of the African market.Our products are 100% guaranteed; providing peace of mind when you deal with a company that sees itself as a partner and not an everyday
supplier.Our commitment to this approach and our genuine reliable service means 3J has become a trusted name in the South African
Pharmaceutical and Retail Market.
We continuously seeking opportunities and working with our partners to improve our range and overall offering; never losing sight of our
desire to offer a comprehensive range of high quality products and services that is supported by competitive pricing alongside a well-trained
team providing outstanding customer service and support.